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When choosing a care community, compare the facilities offered by Brenthurst Residence below, to ensure you find the ideal home to suit your needs.

Tick below, your negotiables and non-negotiables to help you get a better understanding of what you are happy to live without and what you need.

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My Negotiables My Non-negotiables Name of alternative residence Name of alternative residence

Brenthurst Residence as a home

Elder centered – it has a community feel
Home like environment
Elder friendly gardens and walkways
Pet friendly with a dedicated garden exercise area
Inside walkways
Multiple levels of care in interlinked buildings; easy access buildings
Supported decorating service (freedom to decorate in any fashion preferred)
Parking for residents

Services and amenities offered by Brenthurst

Open visiting hours
Provided and/or personalized room décor
Free teas for visitors/family meal options
Concierge service/newspaper delivery
Free in-room meal delivery service
Free DSTV link to lounge DSTV
Cabling to room in place for personal DSTV service hookup
Telephone jacks in every room
Free Wi-Fi zone and Skype (supported by IT specialist on Brenthurst staff, who is there for computer support)
An in-house occupational therapist that provides evaluation and care
Therapies – pet/art/music
Daily activities and care taken to alleviate loneliness, helplessness and boredom
Weekly (basic) hairdo, manicure, pedicure included
Appointments scheduled for specialized services e.g. podiatry, physio, haircuts, massages and facials.
Drivers can be arranged to drop off and collect.
General services
–  Laundry and basic mending services with daily collection & delivery
–  Daily cleaning/weekly spring cleaning
–  Responsive maintenance, repairs and move-in support
Medical services supported by Nursing Manager, including referrals and specialists like an AA sponsor, social worker, psychologist/psychiatrist, physiotherapist, hydrotherapy exercises, art therapy, music therapy and pastoral care.
Pastoral care services provided
Dementia Support Group
All staff are trained in Dementia/Eden care and are contracted into Brenthurst to support our care-partnering commitment
Security/emergency services
Electronic banking options
Accounting/tax certificates of residency

When making your decision, use this helpful guide:

My values:
My non-negotiables:
My negotiables:
Q: Can deliver on my promises?
Reasons for my choice: