Monthly Training

Nurses and house-keeping staff employed by Brenthurst Residence are required to undergo a three-year, in-house training programme. A mentorship by senior staff helps newer carers find their wings. Awards and rewards occur monthly and the year culminates in a splendid Christmas Ceremony for Annual Service with trophies and prizes. In addition to the training provided, the carers work under the supervision of the Nursing Sisters and Staff Nurses.

The three-year programme covers an extensive range of subjects, including nursing management, basic nursing care, nutrition and food services, care relating to specific ailments, Dementia Care and First Aid. This training includes theoretical studies, physical demonstration sessions, practical assessments and annual exams.

The monthly training programmes include life skills and spiritual training, palliative and terminal care practices, occupational therapy skills, and group work.

With this committed investment in its staff, Brenthurst ensures that its residents receive the very best treatment possible, from staff who are perfectly trained to partner with them in meeting their needs and more.