General Services

When choosing an elder care community, it is essential to compare the facilities offered, and determine for yourself which services are negotiable or non-negotiable for your or your loved one’s care. At Brenthurst Residence, residents are offered a full range of nursing services, along with stimulating activities, a professional occupational therapy programme, and various general services.

These specific services are offered inclusive of the resident’s fee, ensuring that no unexpected expenses or billing arises:

  • Detailed statements are emailed monthly
  • Tax certificates provided upon request
  • Electronic banking options provided
  • Personal services, including newspaper and mail delivery, pocket money management, private driver bookings, library book/tape delivery, outings and family functions coordinated, delivering emailed communications from overseas family/email updates to the responsible overseas family members, podiatry, physio, haircuts, massages, facials, and transport. It also includes supported Skype and wi-fi activities and referrals to service providers for cost price; incontinence products, chemist services and blister-packing of medications.
  • Weekly basic hairdo, manicure, pedicure included
  • In-house occupational therapy, evaluation and care
  • In-room dining at no extra charge
  • Laundry and basic mending services with daily collection and delivery
  • Responsive maintenance, repairs and move-in support
  • Daily cleaning and weekly spring-cleaning
  • Facilities to accommodate pets and their care needs
  • Free DSTV link to lounge DSTV, with cabling to room in place for personal DSTV
  • Telephone jacks in every room
  • Free Wi-Fi zone and Skype
  • Medical services supported by Nursing Sisters, including referrals and specialists like Social Workers, Psychologists/Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, hydrotherapy exercises, art therapy, music therapy, pastoral care and even an AA sponsor
  • Dementia Support Group
  • Staff and resident care-partnering in specific care-teams
  • Accommodations, linens and furnishings provided
  • Security/emergency services
  • Not included are the monthly disposal of incontinence products at a set fee, special private salon services, pocket monies for outing expenses, shopping, and personal DSTV connection. Understandably, toiletries and incontinence products are for each resident’s personal account too.