Carers that Care

With an understanding of the high level of trust involved in placing your care and well-being in another’s hands, Brenthurst Residence carefully selects only the best staff. Key characteristics sought include empathy, education and a deep understanding of the unique physical and mental health needs of the elderly. The Extended Care and Residential Units have a 4:1 ratio of staff to residents, while the Supported Care Unit has a 6:1 ratio, ensuring superior care is offered around the clock.

Brenthurst Residence offers a home-away-from-home for all – including it’s staff. With a community care approach, the nursing staff feel part of the Brenthurst family. With this comes job satisfaction, passion and a dedication to delivering devoted care. Operating with an ethos of care and compassion, the nursing staff are incredibly well trained and participate in continuous professional development, educational classes and group work. This approach ensures that staff are always up to date with the latest healthcare skills.

Drawing on Matron Nunes’ philosophy and legacy, Matron Painter and the nursing staff love their work, they are adoring of the residents and they work hard to make a difference every day.