Brenthurst Residence is well known for its tasteful décor, welcoming atmosphere and home-like ambiance.

Residents can enjoy one of the small patios as a quiet reflection area, or relax in the larger, centrally located sun-room  – a lovely spot for gatherings, special tea parties or listening to soothing music.

A variety of dining areas and lounges are available to meet your needs for social activities, including hosting guests or family members when they visit.

A DSTV feed is available throughout the facility for in-room or communal enjoyment, and cabling is available for residents to install their own DSTV decoders, if they prefer. Telephone jacks are available in every room, and WiFi is available ensuring residents can stay in contact with their loved ones, as they wish.

Safety features include handrails on ramps and in bathrooms, individual remote-controlled call bells, fire equipment and protocol, security gates with floodlighting and a fully serviced lift to the second floor.

Ask for an umbrella to visit with family in the garden or swing on the bench-type swing for therapeutic leisure. The gardens and walkways are elder friendly, and all of the buildings are interconnected for easy access. We also have dedicated smoking areas to ensure that smokers are catered for too.