About Us

Our origins

Established by Matron Maxie Nunes in 1998, Brenthurst Residence was born from a desire to uplift and care for the elderly. Brenthurst’s staff are trained and mentored to deliver personal excellence, expertise and superior service when care-partnering with its elderly residents and their families.

New leadership

Matron Nunes brought 50 years of experience to her position as CEO for many years – a role which she has handed over to her daughter, Matron Lizann Painter. The women passionately dedicate themselves to building a community worth living for both elders and staff. With decades of experience in elder care and nursing home ownership, Matron Painter continues to ensure that Brenthurst delivers care, compassion and an Eden-inspired environment for senior living and expert care.

Who is Matron Painter?

Matron Painter is a Registered Nurse, trained locally at Victoria Hospital and Carinus Nursing College in the 1970s. She then attended Midwifery training at Mowbray Maternity Hospital, and shortly thereafter joined an international medical missionary group called “Hospital Christian Fellowship”. Through this fellowship, Matron Painter attended training School in Holland with an internship in the USA. She is registered with the California Board of Registered Nursing as a circuit lecturer on “Total Patient Care”. Having specialised in dementia care, Matron Painter is very involved with Dementia SA and Alzheimers SA, and is an advocate for the promotion of rights and personalisation of care.

Our passion

The previous and new CEO believe caring for the elderly is their calling. Being passionate about honouring God drives excellence, while fostering a culture of excellent care across the board. Operating according to the Biblical promise of “Jehovah Nissi” – “His banner over me is love” highlights God’s deep concern and presence with His beloved.

For decades, Brenthurst Residence has given residents the opportunity to grow old with dignity and vitality. This is supported by a vital lifestyle, enjoyed in a beautiful atmosphere, surrounded by friends, loved ones and family.

Brenthurst strictly follows the Eden Alternative philosophy, aimed at deinstitutionalising elderly care, so that residents can enjoy independence, dignity, and continued growth and development. The result is an elder care community, delivering expert and big hearted care-partnering and a home-like way of life.

Summary of mission statement

Brenthurst Residence creates and maintains an Elder Care community where residents are honoured and cared for by empathetic care-partners who form informed care teams, and who know each Elders’ needs and preferences (also known as “Caregivers”). In this home-away-from-home environment, loneliness, helplessness and boredom are banished.

Care-partners facilitate residents’ engagement and seek contribution to their daily affairs in a powerfully positive way. Through accessibility to dedicated personal staff, ongoing value of input, warmth surveys, forums, Learning-Circles, and observation, Brenthurst fosters true community wellbeing.

Our Mission includes:

  • Care-Partnering for consistent, professional staff presence, delivering an Eden (Alternative) lifestyle for all
  • Gaining an intimate grasp of personal preferences, history and needs to support individual health and wellbeing
  • Premium wellness focus facilitating strength and independence and medical stability
  • Community development where greenery, children, pets and meaningful activities enhance quality of life
  • Provide ever-evolving Learning-Circles whereby care-partners and Elders can share ideas and grow together in fostering growth and advanced care practices. Specialised staff training, participation and excellence acknowledgements stimulate personal growth and buy-in to the Eden Care practices
  • Continue with prayer at the start of each day as part of our Christian business mandate

Through actively engaging with residents and care partners, Brenthurst maintains personalised Extended, Supported and Residential care areas. This personal focus ensures that resources are utilized and conserved, while residents maintain their freedom and individuality. With continuous development, and Eden-related training, staff are empowered with advanced care and health maintenance skills.

Creating “a-life-worth-living” goes further than offering accommodation. At Brenthurst we give residents the power to find adventure, joy and unexpected pleasures in their day-to-day lives.

We are presently completing registration processes with “The Eden Alternative”

Brenthurst Residence follows the Eden Alternative philosophy. Founded by Dr Bill Thomas in the early 1990s, the philosophy seeks to breathe new life into nursing homes. Under this philosophy, these homes become known as elder centered care communities, where residents enjoy Extended care (previously referred to as Frail Care), Supported Care (previously referred to as Assisted Living), and Residential Care.

The Eden Alternative drives the transformation of Elder Care. The philosophy is underpinned by ten overarching principles:

  1. Eliminate the suffering of elders by banishing loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.
    1. Offer a community where companionship is constant, and loneliness is never felt.
    2. Create the opportunity for residents to receive care, while also giving it, as the antidote to helplessness.
    3. Give residents a daily life filled with variety and spontaneity, activities, pampering and excitement. This combats boredom.
  2. Creating a human habitat that feels like home rather than an institution, where residents enjoy close and continuing contact with a variety of people, plants and animals.
  3. Empower residents by engaging in meaningful activities, which are essential to human health and high spirits.
  4. According to the Eden Alternative; “Medical treatment should be the servant of genuine human caring, never its master”.
  5. In an elder centered community, residents are given the authority to determine how they will be cared for, as far as possible. This eliminates the formerly bureaucratic approach to elderly care.
  6. With a focus on continuous improvement, the Eden Alternative philosophy drives human growth, which must never be separated from human life.
  7. The establishment of wise and ethical leadership is essential to delivering on all of these principles.

Life is breathed into these principles by changing the culture of today’s care facilities from sterile medical institutions to Human Habitats – environments where Elders want to live and Carers enjoy working.