Covid-19: The Brenthurst Residence Promise



Dear Friends and Family members

As the country is reeling from the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to set your mind at ease – our commitment has always been to our resident’s health and safety first.

Currently, we remain open to everyone, except for those visitors and staff who are sick.

We have put the following health and safety measures into place:

  • We have hand sanitizer at Gate 9 at the Brenthurst Residence entrance which, we have now changed to be the only entrance and exit to all the Brenthurst buildings.
  • We are checking the temperatures of every resident, staff member and visitor upon entry and exit to Brenthurst.
  • All of our staff have been issued a mask and instructed to not go out of their homes unnecessarily.
  • There are no limitations at this time on relatives visiting their loved ones unless they are ill themselves. We are fully capable of isolating ill people in their rooms.
  • Each resident has been assigned specific care staff on each of the four teams so contact is limited to those specific team members – this was already started at the beginning of the month.
  • Staff who are not well in any regard are quarantined until cleared by their Doctor as “fit for duty”.
  • Should matters escalate, we have a number of staff who live locally who could be quarantined within the home to continue care services.
  • All of our supplies are delivered to the gate and our shopper wears a mask when going to the store.
  • Strict hand washing protocols are in place and all staff have been educated. At this point none of our staff has notified us of having had DIRECT CONTACT with a VERIFIED Covid 19 positive person.
  • We remain vigilant and prepared. Prayer and faith in God and the health found in Jesus Christ are our assurance.

Please only postpone visits to our residents, if you’ve:

  • Recently travelled or been in contact with someone who has travelled to high risk areas
  • Been in contact with someone who is exhibiting flu like symptoms
  • Shown any symptoms yourself

Sincerely, Matron Painter and team