Brenthurst Residence is an Eden-inspired Elder Centered Care Community that lies in the heart of the upmarket Plumstead, Cape Town. Underpinned by Christian values, Brenthurst Residence offers a “home-away-from-home” environment for elders and their pets. With a dedication to caring for elderly with compassion, every interaction is designed to combat loneliness, helplessness and boredom. With daily activities, onsite pampering, delicious meals, Extended Care, Residential Care and Supported Care, every effort is made to see that resident’s needs are met.

Senior living should represent some of the best, most stress-free years of your life. This is what Brenthurst’s house-like environment, and empathetic, informed care-partners continue to strive for daily: devoted care for discerning elderly!

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform elder care, to help residents enjoy an empowered, independent and vibrant existence. The Brenthurst Difference ensures that loneliness, helplessness and boredom are eliminated.

Engaged and Fulfilled

Life at Brenthurst is designed to ensure residents are both engaged and fulfilled. As part of our care routines, elders are treated to daily activities, pampering, stimulating games and occupational therapy programmes.

A care community with heart

Brenthurst Residence is committed to changing the culture of elderly care. By delivering expert nursing and general care with dignity and respect, a community is built where residents enjoy personal growth.

About Us

Established by Matron Maxie Nunes  in 1998, Brenthurst Residence was born from a desire to uplift and care for the elderly. Brenthurst’s staff are trained and mentored to deliver personal excellence, expertise and superior service when care-partnering with its elderly residents and their families.

The Brenthurst Difference

Driven by the Eden Alternative philosophy, Brenthurst Residence offers a true home-like environment for elders. From facilitating residents to live with their small pets in dedicated pet health areas, to the freedom to decorate their own flatlet, single or double room, with DSTV and WiFi access, the environment is one of dignity, independence, advanced care and support.


What Our Clients Say

  • “Brenthurst Residence is the “Biggie Best” of Nursing Homes – you must see it. ”

    Leo Van Buuren
    Director and National Board Member
  • “I did not expect this to be so much fun – thank you for the great croquette game, I just love it here”.

    Mrs Pamela L
  • “I find Brenthurst Residence very loving, family oriented and feel “at home” here – I really look forward to visiting my mom.”

    Mrs Maggie vd T


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