My dad’s chronic malnutrition was a direct result of him being fed a high carbohydrate diet in his home for at least 2 ½ years with very little in the way of protein, fresh fruit and veg and probably zero omega 3’s by people who had no clue about even basic nutrition and care.  When admitted to Brenthurst Residence, his body and musculature were badly wasted due to this poor diet, but most likely, according to my research, his diet was also very likely the driver of his dementia.

Following on from those events, I’ve done a lot of research on nutrition and diet and feel the need to share some of it with you.  Namely, according to scientific research, a carbohydrate-loaded diet exacerbates both dementia and cardio-vascular problems (among others).

Anyway, please can I prevail upon you (I’m begging actually) to take a look at this lecture, and if nothing else, PLEASE listen to the last section from 36 minutes onwards: The section on metabolic syndrome is also important for anyone in the health care field to know.

I very much hope that the struggle my dad went through would not have been entirely in vain and serves some kind of good purpose and benefit to others.  Please would you join me in seeing that the diets of the elderly and vulnerable contains minimal amounts of carbohydrates and sugars?  That they are eating LOADS of fresh green vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil (which may directly help dementia), healthy animal fats, nuts, eggs and other proteins?  The scientific evidence is overwhelming and mounting; Dementia is now being called a “Type 3 Diabetes” as it seems to be driven by elevated insulin and blood sugars (from a carbohydrate/sugar heavy diet).

Some of you well know that Dad gained over 6 Kg’s during the few weeks he was cared for at Brenthurst Residence and responded very well to Physiotherapy for his severely wasted muscles and the Occupational and other therapies there.  Many thanks again for all your help/interventions.

And … as a result of my Dad’s struggle, I’ve learned a lot about dementia and diet and am studying a course on Nutritional Therapy.  I post relevant news, research and info on Twitter and Facebook under the name of “Cape Treats” should you be interested.  I wish you the very best!