Come and breathe in the atmosphere as well as the inviting aromas of flavourful meals specially prepared on site by our dedicated cooks.

Dining assistance is available in the frail and residential units with independent dining reserved for the Brentleigh House dining room where you can enjoy your meal and pleasant conversation. Visitors are invited to share your enjoyment with tea and cake/cookies delivered to your room or lounge. Feel free to book visitors for a meal on your account in the main office.

Every effort is made to cater to all tastes and dietary needs. Nutritional support and blood glucose monitoring is available to every diabetic with diets overseen by the Senior Matron who has more than 50 years’ experience with the needs of the elderly.

We give monthly cooking demonstrations of new recipes to our cooks, to keep the menu seasonal and fresh.

Residents with kitchenettes will be able to keep their own fridges stocked with treats for visitors and grandchildren to enjoy. All meals and teas are included in your fees so you never have to cook again. Expect a treat along with your bedtime tea, back rub and tuck-in routine”

“It was a grand occasion for a grand old lady. Please thank your staff for their exceptional service and the catering, which was enjoyed by all. Thank you for making my mothers 90th birthday” so special! Mr. Richard B (son)